Grab Lorry in Oldham
The Benefits of Using a Grab Hire Company for Site Clearances and More

Before starting a new construction project, you must consider what will happen to the waste you produce. Too much clutter will simply get in the way, especially during excavation and groundworks prior to the building work itself. Coordinating a skip and roadside permit can also prove time-consuming, and you could wind up spending more than you’d like. So, why not consider grab hire as a cost-effective alternative? A grab lorry makes far lighter work of the created waste, hauling materials to and from your Oldham site without manual loading. This makes it perfect for site clearances and supports us in our role as your chosen aggregate supplier.

Below, we look at the reasons why builders, landscapers, and those in the agricultural industry often choose grab hire instead of other waste removal methods.

A Grab Lorry Takes Various Materials

Demolition and groundworks generate all kinds of waste. Landscaping can also leave the site cluttered with green materials, attracting insects and even serving as a tripping hazard if left to one side. Grab hire machinery helps with all kinds of site clearances – taking cement, concrete, rubble, unwanted aggregates and garden produce for a tidier environment.

It Can Deliver Your Chosen Aggregates

A grab hire company with a tipper truck and hydraulic grab lorry can also serve as an aggregate supplier. The ability to store over two skips’ worth of MOT Type 1, topsoil, sharp sand and more means you get the volumes you need for your project in Oldham in a single trip. A fully manned grab arm means we can also place your items where you’d like and assist with site clearances in the same visit.

Grab Hire Reduces Project Costs

According to certain studies, over 80 per cent of contractors have noticed a sharp rise in labour and material costs. At LJD Grab and Groundworks Ltd, we understand the need to keep costs down, as doing so will attract more business. So take it from us; a grab lorry can help you do just that. As an aggregate supplier and grab hire firm with a great reputation, we can help you avoid skip permits and other costly waste removal fees – allowing your labourers to focus on the build itself.

No Manual Loading Required

Site clearances in Oldham and the surrounding areas can prove long and arduous without the proper tools. Grab lorries save you energy by taking all earth produced from the groundworks process, using a powerful arm that lets you kick back and relax. This makes for a safer environment too, with less risk of an injury caused by moving heavy loads from one place to another. The LJD team also acts as an aggregate supplier, using this arm to provide both quarried and recycled materials.

Greater Convenience

A grab lorry can hold at least twice as much as a skip, it won’t take up space for longer than required, and it won’t demand a set fee to remain on site. For these reasons and more, it’s often the most useful piece of equipment for your location in the Oldham area. LJD Grab and Groundworks Ltd takes this high level of convenience even further by arriving at the agreed time, including at weekends or on an emergency basis.

To find out how a grab lorry can make site clearances more manageable, call our Oldham-based team on 07825 392377 or 0161 413 9317.


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